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Example Wedding Speech

Thankyou to one of our blog writers who has done a quick Wedding Speech to get your creative juices flowing. We will of course be there as Wedding Photographers to capture the moment but if you need some inspiration on us, read on.

Wedding Speech

It is amazing how people traveled all over the world and are gathered here today to get a free meal. It is an honor to be the big brother and the best man, and I am happy for the newlyweds. As we grew up, my small brother always spoke about how his wedding party will go down. I always knew it would be an epic. Looking at the guests and the reception right now I would call it a classic. Since I was the eldest, I always thought I could get married before him. I mean he was the crazy one and smart driven, but I had the looks. We had a lot of differences, and he was bigger than me. People always thought I was the smaller one. I remember our parents forbid him from hitting me, and I took advantage of that by torturing him knowing very well he wouldn’t fight back. He was my best friend and we had pretty good moments when growing up.

A few months after joining college I was Smitten when he called to tell me he had found the girl of his dreams. I remember packing and going home to meet her. The moment I saw her pretty face, I knew she would be around for a long time. Her kindness, personality, and big heart charmed us all. She was that missing piece of a puzzle that was missing in our family. Am happy she is part of our family. I wish both of you all the happiness, love and success in this world. Love is invisible, it is unseen and brings beautiful memories and joy that no possessions can bring.

To my sister in law’s family, your daughter is in good hands, am sure she will be treated right by my brother. To know if a man will be a good husband or father, always look at how he treats his mother. My baby brother has always been there for our mom and has a special way of bringing people together.

I would urge the newlyweds to live every day with love as their guide to give more to each other without expectations. To Find the best and funniest things in life and share the happiness they bring. To cater for each other’s needs and share like best friends. Just know from this day you are united, and every decision you make affects the other. And when time passes and old age knocks, do not see the wrinkles or the grey hair; instead see each other as you are today. Let each passing moment feel like the first time you kissed. Marriage is not an easy journey, and it needs nurturing commitments and communication. Lastly, do not advertise your problems to everyone. Some will rejoice in your pain.

On behalf of our family, we are truly blessed to have her, and we cannot wait to meet their mini-them. Let’s us raise our glasses and make a toast to the new couple in town. They now have permission to have sex without anyone judging them.

How to write a Wedding Speech

Are you searching for the best ways on how to write wedding speeches? A wedding is a rare occasion in a persons’ life. It’s the moment that couples exchange vows, promising to be on each others side till death separates them. When chosen to give wedding speeches, you need to prepare yourself to avoid embarrassing moments.

Keep in mind that most weddings get recorded on Smartphones and Video Cameras. Whatever you say in your speech will forever be available. This post gives you 5 tips on how to write a wedding speech.

Center of Attention

When writing wedding speeches, you should avoid the common mistake most speech givers do. That’s making themselves the center of their speeches. You may explain to guests about your connections to the wedding couple.

Make sure it reflects on them positively. Write about how you admire the bride and groom’s commitment to each other, not how you got them to stick to each other during difficult times.


You may be tempted to recall your history with the bride or groom. That should not make you write a long speech that lasts more than 10 minutes. Keep in mind that to get guests attention at alert levels; you shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes reading your speech.

Guests may also be standing waiting to toast. That should make you consider being brief and funny, which will enable guests to toast with light moments.

Make It Clean

Weddings are in most cases attended by friends, relatives and colleagues. When writing the wedding speech, you should remember to make it clean.

As much as your inner circle may appreciate your naughty lines, Auntie Suzie would most probably not be amused.


Another tip when writing wedding speeches is to avoid extreme behavior, for example, reading out embarrassing stories. That’s because you are the speech giver. It means your speech should be about honoring the bride and groom.

It should bring out the best of the wedding couple, not making them feel embarrassed. You should also make sure you talk about issues you can elaborate with a light note, not those that leave guests asking questions.


You may have those jokes that only workmates or friends know. That means if you crack them in the wedding speech, you may make relatives feel left out during the toast.

It means you should also consider sharing with them. That means you should only share acceptable jokes.

How to Practice Reading Wedding Speeches

• When writing wedding speeches, it’s a good idea to read them aloud beforehand. That ensures you gain confidence on the big day. Reading it aloud also makes you pinpoint areas that may cause discomfort to the wedding couple.

• Check the time it takes you to read the wedding speech. That will enable you to know if it’s short or long. Make sure you trim it if it’s long. It ensures you give speeches that don’t last more than 3 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Writing wedding speeches should be easier using the above post. Make sure you write one that’s appealing to the general wedding audience and also brief.

Wedding Speeches in Nottingham for those who can’t write Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches are kind of a huge pain to make if you are expected to. Sometimes the off the cuff congratulations might be better, provided that you are someone who can in fact speak off the cuff. For those that are dreading the moment of attention that a toast commands, here are some quick tips that can help you get your focus, and get through it with some grace.

No one expects wedding speeches to be the single most memorable thing of the reception, so relax. First and foremost you need to remember that you are responsible for this toast simply because you are the person that the bride or the groom feels closest to. You are really doing this for them, even if you throw in a few little digs to crank up some embarrassment for both of the celebrated newlyweds.

It might be a good idea to do a little research into the best wedding toasts and speeches online. This can help you get a general outline. Most of these are pretty much insert the relevant names and stories to make it relatable. At the very least you have something in your hands throughout your presentation then that you can return back to and keep you from losing what you were saying and the point you were trying to make.

A good thing to remember is that this really isn’t your time to shine. It is about bringing attention to the bride and groom in a tasteful and respectful way. Remember these two people have old and very young family members likely in attendance, so make sure that the words you choose and the stories you care to share are something that a range of ears aren’t going to be offended to hear about. The last thing you want to do is cause a serious problem on your best friend’s big day.

Speaking of telling stories, there is nothing that can draw a crowd in quite like a good and exciting story about the person they are there to share the day/night with. Choose something that shows a humorous side of the bride or the groom, or that maybe points out one of their more apparent character flaws in a witty way. Some of the best stories that you can choose for an event like this are the ones that might be slightly embarrassing for the subject, but that is one of your favorite stories to tell anyone who will listen.

If you are still at a loss after your story brainstorming session and your time spent researching great wedding toasts online, it might be time to call in some reinforcements. As with any best man or maid of honor, you are going to have other groomsmen or bride’s maids to call upon to assist you with anything related to making the wedding go off without a hitch. Get some of the more quick witted and funny people in this group and ask them for a little bit of feedback and help in creating your memorable wedding speech.

These are just a few quick tips to get you moving on your wedding speeches. While it might be a pain, remember it is for a great reason. This is a time for celebration, so use these tips and put together a wedding toast that pops.

Writing a Wedding Speech

There is something about people talking about the bride and groom at a wedding that has become somewhat of a tradition over the years. While this at one time might have been a sweet and loving ordeal where people recount how perfect the two are for one another, the modern era has changed this iconic moment to give the best man or the maid of honour their five minutes of stand-up comedy fame. This tradition really sucks if you aren’t ready for the responsibility. So assuming that this is your job for the big event, it is time to think about how to make a great (and memorable) speech.

Toasts are not something that everyone is meant to do effectively. Some people might have the ‘gift of gab’ which can talk them through just about anything successfully. For those that have to do a lot more preparation for the speech, you might need to consider a few different approaches that can get you thinking in the right frame of mind. If comedy is what you are looking for you need to be thinking: old stories, obnoxious characteristics, and bringing it home at the end of the toast.

Old Stories

There is nothing that says relatable to the entire reception like a personal funny story that you have on your best friend. While there is plenty of room for edgy and sordid stories here for a little embarrassment factor to come into play, remember that a lot of this audience is just meeting the person you are talking about for the very first time. While it might be funny to talk about how your best friend once almost got you arrested for getting lippy with a police officer, it is not the time to talk about how you helped him keep his girlfriend and his side piece from running into each other at that one party. Just not the time or place.

Obnoxious Characteristics

Everyone, and that means everyone, has a trait that is just over the top to everyone else around them. So it stands to reason that the bride or groom you are toasting has a trait that people are just having a hard time dealing with. Maybe you are going to mention the fact that the bride has to wipe everyone’s faces when they eat like she’s their mother. Maybe the groom spends an abnormal amount of time getting ready for anywhere that he goes. Its little snippets like this that can help you get back to the main point of congratulating the two. “If he/she can put up with (insert any annoying quality) then it really must be true love!”

Bringing It Home

Toasts should never be more than 80% comedy. When you are winding your speech down, you need to focus on getting the point where everyone is on board with your congratulating the bride and groom. They aren’t going to be able to do that if they are mildly offended or if you are still making jokes. Time to bring in the sweetness to sprinkle over top of your sour. Cap your toast off right by naming a few amazing qualities of the groom or bride, and by saying how fitting it is that the two of them would find each other in this crazy world.

These are just a few key areas that you need to consider when it comes to wedding speeches. These should give you a little focus which will help you direct your efforts to a more concise speech that is devoid of fumbling through your words. It is all about the delivery, and if you get it right (which for some means practice it a few times on your own), then your speech will be one that the newlyweds are talking about for years to come.