Wedding Photography Nottingham by Lewis Ramone

Specialising in wedding photographing in Nottingham and the East Midlands I offer natural, relaxed and stylish wedding photography to some incredible couples across the region. As a wedding photographer, I travel across the UK to support my clients on their big day, and this includes vintage weddings in the Nottinghamshire countryside through to modern weddings in Nottingham City centre.

For weddings further afield just visit my contact page to check availability as I can book 18 months to 2 years in advance so give me a quick call to avoid disappointment.

Offering natural and unobtrusive wedding photography I will be there from start to finish to capture the big day, from the bridal party getting ready through to the first kiss and the last dance of the night.

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Wedding Photography in Nottingham that’s stylish, modern and affordable

My experience as a Nottingham wedding photographer ranges forms working with some of the largest commons in the UK through to Children’s nurseries and local Schools, as well as a decade of wedding photography in Nottingham. This experience means that I carry two cameras (in case we have a technical hiccup) through to making sure I’ve got an umbrella for the bride and even a needle and thread! As a wedding photographer, my job is to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, to make you feel relaxed and to make sure that every image I take is the best it possibly can be. We only get one shot at your big day, so my goal is to ensure that the pictures I take are of the same high quality in the morning as they are as the celebration comes to an end. To find out a little bit more about my style of photography, you can visit my wedding photography Nottingham blog or get in touch with me an informal get together so we can discuss your needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Wedding Photography Nottingham

Although we consider ourselves to be ‘young’ in approach and with eight years establishment, we have over 20,000 images online for you to browse. Our Wedding, Photography Nottingham style, would be described as both modern and relaxed and this can bee is seen in our portfolio. Our gallery includes the ‘natural’ or ‘reportage’ style of photography; we mix that with all of the traditional aspects of Wedding creativity.

I like to make people feel comfortable in front of the cameras relaxed and natural and through a mix of documentary style of photography as well as some of the more traditional wedding photography images I am there to make sure you have the wedding images to last a lifetime.

We love pushing the boundaries of what people may usually expect both in the composition and in the editing afterwards. Even if you are not savvy in the world of digital editing it is important you know we spend a lot of time using two very different programs to get the most out of bringing your photo shoot to life. Lightroom and Photoshop enable us to make even the most ‘normal’ shot look stunning and contemporary.

We will also supply by request all of your images in copy Sepia and Black and White. All Wedding editing takes about 2 to 3 weeks after the event, so each image is guaranteed to have been carefully checked, so you fall in love with each photograph.

We apply colour correction to everything, so the quality of the print is sharp, in focus with silver halide for increased quality. We have a passion for vintage shots and are always open to ideas or styles you wish us to recreate.